Jill Duson

For Senate District 27

Representing parts of Portland and Westbrook

About Jill

A Community Leader

First elected to Portland City Council in 2001, Jill has been a steadfast leader in our city and statewide. A child of the Civil Rights movement, Jill was inspired by the activism of her mother and empowered local parents who partnered with allies and organizers to desegregate schools in her hometown.

Jill recognizes that those who came before her fought to open doors; she has dedicated a lifetime to serving our community and holding doors open for today’s students, families, emerging activists, and leaders. Jill is committed to paying the fight forward.

On the Issues

Jill believes that education is the great equalizer
; as a chair of the Portland School Committee and the Portland City Council Finance Committee, Jill fought for resources to support schools, while at the same time holding school leaders accountable for creating a quality system where all students learn and thrive. Portland voters have consistently supported Jill as a champion for the Portland Public School system, investing in our kids to build a future for our city and region.

The pandemic has highlighted struggles with healthcare that start before

Safe, affordable, and accessible housing is a core element of the American Dream.
Jill has worked to make certain that housing options in Portland match the diverse needs of those who live, work and play in the city. Diverse housing choices need to include affordable and market-rate rentals; housing for first-time buyers; help for homeowners underwater, attention and advocacy for homeless residents; and options for growing families and aging seniors. 

We need to protect Maine’s rich environment. Jill knows that we can both protect our land while also expanding jobs in the green and blue economy.

Why I’m running

“I am a hand raiser. I feel called to continue to partner, with so many of you, to secure the future of our cities, our neighborhoods, and our families. As your Senator, I will work to cement and build on progress made with the State investment in education funding, access to medical care, pushing forward with solutions to the crisis in affordable housing, and investing to help Maine families, workers, and businesses recover from the pandemic. I am excited to answer this call to service”.
– Jill Duson

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